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Simple Spinach Extract - Pure 20:1 - 60 Capsules

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    Ravenous & Emotional Eating Is More Common (And More Easily Treatable) Than You Think

    You know THAT feeling…

    When you wake up in the dead of night, your stomach riling in pain and all you want is one thing and one thing only… FOOD.

    …You know you shouldn’t.

    …You know it’s not healthy.

    …But you’re too tired to care and all you want is to make your cravings STOP. So you gorge. And gorge some more.

    But we want you to know…

    Your Emotional Eating & Hunger Cravings Are NOT Your Fault.

    Struggling with Hedonic Hunger does not mean that you crave one specific type of food, rather you crave ALL types of palatable foods at any time of day… even after consuming a complete meal. Nowadays, researchers are discovering that modern day food, especially highly palatable foods (snacks, sweets, and junk food), are much to blame for your emotional eating and mind-controlling cravings.[2]

    You want to eat even when you don’t need to and the more often you eat highly palatable foods, the more your brain learns to expect and CRAVE them.

    Instead of seeking calories, your brain has been programmed to eat for pleasure — this is called Hedonic Hunger.

    This is why you are always hungry even after finishing a full meal. Your body is full but it wants the “satisfied” feeling it gets when consuming delicious (yet unhealthy) food.

    Understanding Your Pesky Hunger Cravings (and what you can do about them)

    Whether you are struggling with a mild or severe case of Hedonic Hunger (eating for pleasure instead of survival), your mouth likely waters at the thought of:

    • Oozing Chocolate Lava Cake
    • Extra-Gooey Cheese Pizza
    • Crunchy Potato chips
    • Hot-Out-Of-The-Oven Chocolate Chip cookies
    • Or… Savory Macaroni and Cheese

    AND, no matter who you are, the same emotional response is triggered in the brain when you eat a delicious piece of highly palatable food…

    You crave food because your brain is eating for pleasure, not calories.

    Achieving satiety is critical in maintaining a healthy weight or shedding pounds. If your meals leave you feeling unsatisfied, hungry and reaching for extra snacks, you’ll likely start adding more calories to your diet.

    As you can imagine, this is more of a modern day “first world problem”…

    After all, when our ancestors were foraging for food or whipping up meals with whatever was harvested, most of the time there was no option to go back for seconds or supplement a meal with something else.

    But thankfully, there is a way to protect yourself from Hedonic Hunger and take back control of your appetite.

    You can protect yourself from Hedonic Hunger by reaching Satiety.[3]

    [1] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25895695
    [2] https://www.livescience.com/54248-controlling-your-hunger.html
    [3] https://draxe.com/satiety/

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